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Unveiling the Sparkling Charm of Schramsberg Vineyard

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Explore the rich history and exquisite taste of Schramsberg wines.

description: a vineyard landscape with rolling hills and rows of grapevines under a clear blue sky, with a rustic wooden tasting room in the background. the sun shines down on the vineyard, casting a warm glow over the lush green vines. visitors can be seen enjoying a glass of sparkling wine on a charming outdoor patio overlooking the picturesque vineyard.

In a Northern pocket of the valley on the timbered hills of Diamond Mountain, Schramsberg quietly takes the valley's best chardonnay grapes and pinot noir to craft their renowned sparkling wines. With a dedication to quality and tradition, the vineyard has established itself as a premier producer of sparkling wines in Napa Valley.

Everyone involved with Schramsberg Vineyard believes in sticking to their successful style of sparkling wine. From hand-riddling each bottle to carefully selecting the grapes, every step of the winemaking process is done with precision and passion.

What is riddling? Schramsberg Vineyards does it by hand. As if choreographed, Jesus Calderon periodically rotates bottles of sparkling wine to ensure a consistent and high-quality product. This attention to detail sets Schramsberg apart from other wineries.

Today, Schramsberg offers three entry-points to their particular brand of sparkling. There's Mirabelle, offering all the excitement and effervescence of a sparkling wine at a more accessible price point. For those seeking a more refined experience, Schramsberg's Blanc de Blancs and Blanc de Noirs deliver complexity and elegance.

Napa Valley is the great American wine region. But with more than 500 wineries — and tasting fees that aren't cheap — it can be hard to stand out. Schramsberg, with its rich history and dedication to quality, has earned a place among the top wineries in the region.

The price of Champagne has risen, but good alternatives are made all over the wine-producing world. They might taste different but they are equally delightful. Schramsberg Vineyard's sparkling wines offer a high-quality and affordable alternative to traditional Champagne.

Ahoy, Mateys! Embark on a nautical adventure like no other at Schramsberg & Davies Vineyards' Shipwrecked Spring Release Party. Enjoy an evening of exquisite wines, delicious food, and live music in a stunning vineyard setting.

Master Sommelier Vincent Morrow gives us his Spring picks. Aside from being Spring-perfect sippers, the wines featured are on Mornings on 3. Discover Morrow's expert recommendations for the season's best wines, including selections from Schramsberg Vineyard.

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