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Tria Wine Bar: A Hidden Gem in Philadelphia's Bar Scene

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Discover the progressive and worker-friendly Tria Wine Bar experience.

description: a cozy wine bar setting with dim lighting, wooden tables, and shelves filled with bottles of wine from around the world. patrons sit at the bar, enjoying glasses of wine and engaging in   conversations. the atmosphere is warm and inviting, making it the perfect spot to unwind and explore new wines.

Former employees and interns say that Tria's progressive, worker-friendly public messaging contradicts their experiences working under owner Jon Myerow. Despite this, Tria Wine Bar continues to shine as a hidden gem in Philadelphia's vibrant bar scene. Tria Wine Bar offers a unique and welcoming atmosphere for wine enthusiasts and novices alike.

The best wine bars in Philadelphia along with classics like Barcelona Wine Bar Philadelphia and Vintage Wine Bar Philadelphia have long been a staple in the city's nightlife. However, Tria Wine Bar stands out for its curated selection of wines from around the world, knowledgeable staff, and commitment to sustainability.

The PLCB's new ordering system has stalled deliveries of special-order wines and spirits. At the same time, an increase in a state-imposed tax on alcohol has made it challenging for bars like Tria Wine Bar to maintain their diverse wine offerings. Despite these challenges, Tria Wine Bar continues to attract a loyal following of wine lovers.

South Philadelphia is known for bars with great atmospheres and strong ties to the community. Each year the bar scene expands, welcoming newcomers like Tria Wine Bar. With its cozy ambiance and carefully curated wine list, Tria Wine Bar has quickly become a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

After a little over two years at 23rd and Pine Streets, Tria Fitler Square will close its doors for good. No closing date has been set just yet, but patrons are encouraged to visit Tria Wine Bar's other locations in the city to experience their unique wine selection and laid-back atmosphere.

Tria Taproom's 'Joyride Beef & Ale' is bringing some fun and nostalgia during these uneasy times. This unique pairing of beef and ale taps into Tria Wine Bar's innovative spirit, offering customers a delicious and memorable dining experience.

Philadelphia has long enjoyed a stellar reputation as a beer town. Today, the ever-adventurous, ever-culinary city also enjoys a serious—yet approachable—wine culture. Tria Wine Bar is at the forefront of this movement, offering a diverse selection of wines and a welcoming environment for wine enthusiasts of all levels.

Bar Poulet is coming to Rittenhouse, selling buckets of fried chicken and glasses of Champagne. Tria's Jon Myerow and Dave Kwass are expanding their culinary offerings with this new venture, while continuing to uphold Tria Wine Bar's commitment to quality and sustainability.

As the second annual Philly Wine Week kicks off this Sunday with Opening Corks – a fun tasting gala and Spring celebration focusing on all things wine. Tria Wine Bar is excited to participate in this city-wide celebration of wine, showcasing their unique selection and commitment to sustainability.


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