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Love Is Wine: Cupcake Vineyards Launches Chardonnay for 'Love Is Blind' Premiere

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Cupcake Vineyards and Netflix debut special Chardonnay for hit show.

description: an elegant bottle of cupcake vineyards “love is wine” chardonnay, featuring a sleek design with the show's logo and a romantic color scheme, displayed on a table set for a cozy date night.

Cupcake Vineyards and Netflix have joined forces to create a special Chardonnay in celebration of the upcoming premiere of the sixth season of the popular reality TV show, 'Love Is Blind.' The new wine, titled "Love Is Wine," will be available just in time for the show's February 14 premiere.

The campaign features familiar faces from Netflix's 'Love Is Blind' franchise, including Bartise Bowden, Micah Lussier, Taylor Rue and more, showcasing the perfect pairing of love and wine. The collaboration between Cupcake Vineyards and Netflix aims to bring fans of the show a unique and immersive experience that combines their love for wine with their love for reality TV drama.

LIVERMORE, Calif., (Jan. 31, 2024) - Cupcake Vineyards and Netflix announce the launch of Cupcake Vineyards “Love Is Wine” Chardonnay ahead of the season six premiere of hit show, 'Love Is Blind.' This special wine is a tribute to the show's themes of love, romance, and connection.

Wine, much like love, is a canvas that reflects the complexity, versatility, and depth of romantic connections on one's palate. The 'Love Is Wine' Chardonnay was created by Cupcake Vineyards to embody these qualities and provide fans with a truly special tasting experience.

Cupcake Vineyards and Netflix have announced the launch of Cupcake Vineyards “Love Is Wine” Chardonnay ahead of the Season Six premiere of 'Love Is Blind.' This collaboration marks a unique partnership between a popular wine brand and a beloved streaming platform, bringing fans a new way to engage with their favorite show.

For the season six premiere of Love Is Blind, which arrives on February 14th, Netflix created Love Is Wine in partnership with Cupcake Vineyards. This special Chardonnay is designed to enhance the viewing experience for fans of the show, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to their Valentine's Day celebrations.

It's powerful yet racy. The long finish is refreshing and satisfying, leaving you wanting more. This wine would make an outstanding partner to any romantic evening, whether you're watching 'Love Is Blind' or simply enjoying a quiet night in with your loved one.

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