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Unveiling the Subzones of Franciacorta: Italy's Sparkling Gem

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Discover the hidden secrets of Franciacorta, Italy's underrated sparkling wine.

description: a picturesque vineyard in italy, with rows of lush green vines stretching into the distance under a clear blue sky. the sun casts a warm glow on the landscape, highlighting the beauty of the franciacorta region.

Franciacorta, an Italian sparkling wine region, announced last week that it is dividing into subzones. How many? Believe it or not – 134. This move is aimed at highlighting the diversity and unique terroir of the region, further solidifying Franciacorta's reputation as a top-quality sparkling wine producer.

What to Know About Franciacorta, Italy's Underrated Wine Region: The ever-changing climate of northern Italy can be inexplicable at times, with unpredictable weather patterns shaping the flavors of the grapes grown in the region. Franciacorta, however, has managed to harness this variability to create wines with complexity and depth.

If you love Champagne and you aren't drinking the Italian sparkling wine Franciacorta as well, you are missing out on some outstanding bubbles. Franciacorta's traditional method of production, similar to Champagne, results in elegant and refined sparkling wines that can rival the best of them.

January 16th - Franciacorta is proud to have been for the third consecutive year the Official Sparkling Wine of the Emmy Awards season, showcasing its prestige and popularity among Hollywood's elite. This partnership further cements Franciacorta's status as a luxury wine brand with international recognition.

To start, wine experts say that Franciacorta is equal parts nature and nurture. The former starts with Lake Iseo, a glacial body of water that's instrumental in moderating the climate of the region, while the latter involves meticulous vineyard management and winemaking techniques that ensure the quality and consistency of the wines.

Franciacorta, the Italian wine brand out of the historical Franciacorta region in Italy, has signed a three year partnership with the Emmy Awards as the exclusive sparkling wine provider. This collaboration underscores Franciacorta's commitment to excellence and luxury, aligning it with the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry.

Canadian wine lovers might know Ca' del Bosco or Bellavista, the two most popular brands produced in Franciacorta. These renowned wineries have played a significant role in putting Franciacorta on the map and showcasing the region's potential for producing world-class sparkling wines.

BY ERIC GUIDO | DECEMBER 14, 2023. Italy does a fantastic job covering all the bases and nearly always at reasonable prices. The Franciacorta, Trentodoc and other Italian wines offer exceptional value for money, making them accessible to a wide range of consumers.

Think of this article as a “Best of Italian Wines” for 2023. I certainly did not taste every Italian wine (how could I with several thousand options?), but I can confidently say that Franciacorta has earned its place among the top contenders for the title of Italy's finest sparkling wine. With its rich history, diverse terroir, and commitment to quality, Franciacorta is a true hidden gem waiting to be discovered by wine enthusiasts around the world.


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